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LED Linear Luminaire

CL-LUX 1KS Series LED Linear Luminaire

The enLux 1KS LED Linear Luminear is great for commercial and residential applications. The 1KS is available in a one foot, 8-watt module, two feet, 16-watt module, three feet, 24-watt module and four feet, 48-watt module. It’s cool operating temperature gives it a long life of 50,000 hours (17 years at 8 hours per day) and reduced energy costs. The enLux 1KS Series Luminiare uses significantly less energy to produce the same light as conventional fluorescent, halogen or HID light sources.
The enLux 1KS Series LED Linear Luminaire module’s patented RAGB light engine (Red, Amber, Green and Blue combine to create white light) provides unsurpassed performance. This is the first LED based light module that emits over 1000 useful lumens of white light and can be used to replace conventional incandescent or halogen light sources for general illumination.
The enLux 1KS Series LED Linear Luminaire is available in three standard white tones (with varying temperatures), as well as red, amber, green, blue, and custom colors.